Kevin Watson and Paul Schaffrin started Loud Mouth Soup in 1997.

In the beginning LMS was a full band with Kevin and Paul on guitars, Barney Kister (Paul's Brother-in-law) on Bass and Cary Paul on Drums. Later line-ups included Drums: Tom Russo, then long time member Keith Dickerson, then Patrick Cunningham, then Mike Ramsey then Patrick Cunningham again. Bass after Barney: Shaun Andree for long time, then George Whitlow, then Shaun again, then George Whitlow until now.

In 2003 Paul Schaffrin and Kevin Watson reduced the band to unplugged status only and performed with Shaun Andree and eventually permanently George Whitlow on bass.

After Kevin Watson moved to Mississippi in 2010 LMS took a hiatus.

In 2012 Paul asked Guitarist/Singer Mark Gordon to join him and George Whitlow in reforming an acoustic Loud Mouth Soup Unplugged.

The current line up for Loud Mouth Soup is Paul Schaffrin (acoustic guitar/vocals); George Whitlow (bass/vocals); Mark Gordon (acoustic guitar/vocals); and Corey Nelson (guitars/vocals) very often found filling in for Paul or George. There are also cameo appearances of Keith Dickerson on Cajon and Brittany Schaffrin (vocals) among other Schaffrins sitting in occasionally.

And there you have it, the same Soup with some new ingredients.